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  • Books

Remember that famous saying:  ” So many books, so little time?”

You’ll be happy here if you love to read. Whether it’s eBooks or the kind with paper pages, there is so much good material available, and I will share some of my favorites with you. We can also create some interesting dialogue around them.

For example, have you ever engaged in an online book club? A group of us did this, because we were spread across the country, so meeting in person wasn’t an option. We opened our own private blog, read a book together over a period of weeks, and answered the same questions in a round-robin format. It was one of the richest dialogues I’ve ever had with a small group (there were four of us); it might work for you, too. The book we read and wrote about was “Open the Door” byJoyce Rupp.

Another book that I can recommend to you is “Because of Katie.”  I know this book well, because I wrote it myself with careful thought and intention. It’s the true story of our journey with our daughter Katie, from just before her cancer diagnosis through her treatment, surgery, recovery, relapse, hospice care, passing away and beyond. It tells how it feels to advocate for a loved-one in a medical crisis, how such a crisis impacts the family, and is filled with useful information about coping and/or helping someone you know to cope during such a difficult time. It has appendices for medical staff, family, spiritual seekers and information seekers. You can find reviews of the book and more information by clicking on the picture link below.


  • Blogs:

I’ve found many blogs to be encouraging, educational, practical, fun and enlightening on this journey. Just a few from which I’ve benefited in various ways are:

After His Death

Amy’s Book Club

Bring the Rain

From Paradise to Plan B

Grief & Gratitude



Paul Dudley (Mooselips)

Sheye Rosemeyer

True North


  • Websites:

One helpful kind of website produces frequent inspirational messages. Subscribing to the ones that consistently lift your heart is a good way to renew hope. A few examples are:


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